IdentitateaCongregaţia Surorilor Maicii Domnului

Congregaţia Surorilor Maicii Domnului este un Institut de viaţă consacrată, de drept pontifical, dedicat vieţii apostolice. Fondată în anul 1921, la Blaj, în cadrul Bisericii Greco-Catolice, de către Mitropolitul Vasile Suciu, Congregaţia continuă să activeze şi astăzi în cadrul aceleiaşi Biserici Greco-Catolice.

The nuns of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Mother of God live their vocation as consecrated persons, professing and living their monastic vows in communities, praying and developing various activities, specific to their vocation, according to the charisma and the spirit of the Founding Father.


The Sisters choose the way of consecration in this particular Congregation as means of personal blessing and dedication to God and their brothers and sisters, responding to the calling of following Jesus more closely, according to the model of the Holy Virgin Mary.

The Founding Father His Eminence Metropolitan Dr. Vasile Suciu founded this Congregation entrusting the Sisters the mission of taking care of the orphans, educating the children and young people, as well as caring for the sick, encouraging them that by everything they are and do “to get our nation as close as possible to our Lord through living faith”.

The Congregation follows until today the same guidelines for its activities, continuing its work in the educational, social and charitable domains.