The House “St. Thérèse Of The Child Jesus” – Sighetu-Marmației

Internatul pentru elevele de liceu este o activitate apostolică pe care Surorile au început-o în anul 2003, în continuitate cu tradiția educativă a Congregației.

Misiunea acestei Case este de a oferi un cadru adecvat pentru primirea unei formări integrale a elevelor din localitățile învecinate Sighetului care doresc să studieze la diferitele Colegii și Licee din Sighet. Elevele sunt sprijinite și însoțite cu precădere în demersul școlar pe care-l au de îndeplinit, de aceea, în cadrul programului zilnic, studiul reprezintă activitatea cea mai importantă.

The educational targets in view are: human, intellectual and spiritual training, acquiring an open mentality towards civic, Christian and voluntary actions in serving the others.

Human and intellectual training

Building the girls′ personality has its basis in those values that cannot be missing from their education, but are also gained by practice: integrity and morality, care and consideration towards the others, availability and involvement in group activities, good time and personal resource management, as well as other values that are helpful for a harmonious development.

Spiritual training

The pupils begin and end their day with a moment of prayer: in the morning by thanking for the gift of life, for the new day that God offered them, placing themselves under the protection of the Holy Mother; in the evening there is the moment of placing in front of God everything that they lived during the day: moments of joy or suffering, small successes or failures, giving thanks for the good ones and asking forgiveness for the mistakes.

Also there are monthly catechetical activities meant to help them deepen their Christian faith and understanding of God. The main feasts of the year: Christmas and Easter, are being prepared with much care through Retreat Days and taking part at the specific feasts′ celebrations.

Civic and voluntary training

- weekly participation in the activities from the “Emmanuel” day centre: supervising and helping children with homework and animating the recreational activities;

- participating, as volunteers, in the activities of the national annual Pilgrimage, in May, dedicated to honouring the Martyrs and Confessors of Faith – victims of the communist oppression;

- visiting the elders in the Centre for nursing the disabled, as well as other volunteering activities.


Address: Bogdan Vodă Street, no. 178; 435500 Sighetu-Marmației, Maramureș County

                 Tel: 0040/262/311671;

House keeper: Sr. M. Ana – Alina Bot