The house for students is intended for hosting those young girls who study at the various Faculties in Cluj-Napoca and desire harmonious studying conditions and framework for their spiritual and human development.

The House belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Mother of God and it was opened in 2007.

Its purpose is to create a fitting and necessary framework for the development and training for life and for the future profession of the young students that are housed here. That is why the life programme proposed in this House has 3 dimensions: studying, prayer and cohabiting.

Studying occupies most of the time. The young girls strive to create a study-favourable atmosphere in the house. Over the years they could better understand the relationship between study and prayer. Studying helps a better assimilation of the necessary information, whereas prayer brings a better grounding of the things studied and helps surpass the emotions and fears of failure. Sisters supporting the students in prayer are a sign of a great encouragement and a growth in their faith.

Prayer is the privileged moment of the day, when, after a day of studying, they regain their balance; it is that moment of the day when all the fatigue, the good but also the lesser things are offered to God as a sign of thanksgiving and preparation for the next day, by abandoning everything in His hands. The hour of prayer has a very important role in the house, as it increases the unity and creates communion between the girls.

Cohabiting. A good cohabiting needs certain rules. The first is that of respect towards the other girls in the house; accepting the differences between persons, tolerance towards the customs and people′s way of living. There should also be love and forgiveness, values that the girls strive to live out with the help of God.

Also, there are moments of recreation in the house or in nature, celebrating certain feasts or birthdays. Besides the programme from the university, the girls participate in various Church events, they are part of prayer groups and religious associations for young people.

AddressAdy Endre Street, no. 26; 400064, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County;

                Tel. 0040/264/443124; e-mail:
House keeper: Sr. M. Crucița Lupa